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Aka.ms/yourpc – One of the essential features added to Windows is connecting PCs to smartphones via the dedicated app. But there is a process that you must follow for the same.

The good news is that here is the complete guide on how to connect your phone to Windows PC using the phone app located at aka.ms/yourpc.

Windows has become the most widely used operating system across all nations; Microsoft launched it as a graphic operating system for MS-DOS in November 1985, the first to take over the PC market worldwide.

It is often not known that Windows operates not just for tablets and personal computers but also embedded devices. The Windows specialized version is also employed in Xbox, a video game console from Microsoft. Xbox.

Microsoft Corporation is constantly updating Windows and including new features to ensure efficient performance and improved experience for the users.

So, take this article easy to read and understand the procedures.

Aka.ms yourpc

The benefits of linking Your Phone to a Windows PC

Connecting your mobile device to a computer has never been more important. Users can do many other things when connecting both devices.

Have you ever thought about responding to a WhatsApp message or another text message sent to your phone via the computer in the PC itself?

The fact that the devices are connected allows this to done.

Android users get the best experience by using the Windows’ Your Phone application.

This is how:

  • Beginning with the most basic advantage, users can effortlessly transfer content from their phones to their computers. Therefore, stop sending yourself all your important files, and go for the simpler and quicker method- Drag and Drop.
  • Use the cross-device copy paste option to copy content from one device to paste it onto another. It’s unnecessary to duplicate things; copy the file from your computer and paste it on your Android phone, or vice versa.
  • Users are now able to create and receive calls using their personal computers. They can also answer calls using the PC’s speakers and microphone. So, you no longer require your phone to  nearby to listen to the calls.
  • Android users can immediately access over 2000 images directly from their phones to their personal computers.
  • Users can instantly access the apps installed on the phone via their PC. Suppose you’re using an internet connection and a computer. In that case, you can use these applications to play games, chat online, browse, and so many other things on your computer’s bigger monitor and your keyboard. Multitasking is also possible.

All you have to do is configure the device and then modify its settings to allow these features to function. Please note that only Android phone owners can avail these advantages. Microsoft cannot connect to Apple’s iPhones due to Apple’s security, making it difficult to obtain stable and reliable syncing.

 Requirements for Linking the Phone to Windows PC

 Requirements for Linking the Phone to Windows PC  

The Phone Link experience starts on your Windows PC and the Phone Link application. With your PC, you are able to connect to Android or Samsung devices by using an application called the Link to Windows app that’s installed on your device, or it can download from Google Play or Samsung Galaxy Store.

This connection that connects your Android device and your PC provides you with immediate access to everything you want to do.

You can read and respond to text messages quickly, look up recent pictures from your Android device, utilize your preferred mobile applications, make and receive calls, and handle the status of your Android device’s notifications on your computer.

Phone Link app requires the following function: Phone Link app requires the following to function:

  • A PC running Windows 10 (with the May 2019 Update or later) or Windows 11.
  • An Android device is running Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later. 
  • Your phone and PC need to connect to the same Wi-Fi network.

We recommend having the most current version of Windows installed to ensure you have the best experience when using Phone Link. Phone Link app.

Note: The Phone Link app does not currently allow multiple Android profiles or school/work accounts.

 How to Connect Windows PC to Phone

How to Link a Phone to Windows PC using Your Phone App?

You should ensure that your computer and your Android device are close by, switched on and connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.

 If you start from your PC:  

  • In the search box located on the taskbar, enter Phone Link and choose Phone Link from the results. Phone Link app from the results.
  • You might requires to log in with the Microsoft account if you’re not already registered with Windows.
  • Install or launch your Link to Windows mobile app on your Android device. For this to do, start an internet page on your Android device, and then click the URL that appears on your computer ( www.aka.ms/yourpc).
  • Log in to the mobile application using that same Microsoft account you logged into on your PC.
  • After you’ve signed in, please return to your personal computer, and click on the I’ve got The Link for Windows app installed checkbox. Select the QR code to pair with..

Note: If you’d like to pair your device with your PC without QR codes, choose to pair Manually on your computer instead. Then, you’ll ask to input a code on the Android device.


  • A pop-up window with the QR code will show on your computer screen.
  • In the mobile application on the mobile app on your Android device, click the link between your PC and phone. When you are asked, Is the QR code in your PC available? Select Continue.
  • You’ll ask for permission to allow the application to connect to your camera. Once you’ve accepted, an in-app camera will appear. This camera will look up the QR code shown on your computer.
  • After scanning through the QR Code, you could ask to grant further Android permissions. These permissions permit you to access content on your phone from your PC.
  • Follow the instructions for your Android device, and then click “Done. Return to your computer to play around with the Phone Link. Phone Link app.

 If you’re adding another Android device:  

  • If you are required, go to Google Play Store. Open Google Play Store, search for Link to Windows, and download the application if you need to.
  • You’ll requires to take a picture of a QR-code visible on your PC. To get to that QR code, open a browser on your PC and visit www.aka.ms/yourphoneqrc.
  • For your Android device, you can use the camera in-app to read the QR codes on your computer.
  • After scanning your QR Code, you might ask to grant permission. These permissions let you access your phone’s content from your computer.

If you have difficulties installing the app, solve the issue here..

Tips: The Phone Link app is designed to uses with the PC’s Windows taskbar. If you’re one of the users who has connected to an Android device to the computer and the app is attached to the taskbar on your computer. If you would like to unpin the app, unpin this app from the taskbar, click right-click the icon and choose Unpin from the taskbar.

 How to unlink a device in Your Phone app?  

Did you switch your phone, or would you like to connect a different device to Your Phone app? Don’t worry; we can help! It is easy to remove a device from the steps below:

Make sure to follow the steps for both your computer and your Android phone to unplug the two devices.

In Your Windows PC:

  • Open a web browser on your PC and search accounts.microsoft.com/devices/android-ios.
  • Now log in to your Microsoft account. Microsoft login.
  • A list of all connected devices will appear on your display. Choose the Unlink option for each device.
  • Visit Your Phone app, close it, and reopen it to make the changes.

On your Android phone:

  • Start an app that is compatible with your phone.
  • In the upper-right corner, go to Settings and choose Accounts.
  • Find the Microsoft account you used when you connected to the PC and click the Sign Out button next to the account.
  • Follow all of the steps to disconnect your Android phone from Your Phone app.

You can now connect to other devices using Your Phone App.

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How do I get the Microsoft Phone Link app? 

The Phone Link experience starts on your computer with Windows 10 or Windows 11 and Phone Link. Phone Link app. On your PC, you can connect to your Android or Samsung devices using the following two applications:

  • Your Phone Companion (YPC) app for most Android devices.
  • Link to Windows (LTW) application preinstalled on select Samsung smartphones.
  • These names are grouped as Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows in the Google Play Store and the Galaxy Store. Within the Microsoft Store, you’ll see Your Phone. This connection between your phone and your PC provides you with instant access to everything you want. Text and read messages easily, browse recent photos on your Android device, access your favourite mobile applications, make and receive calls, and control your Android device’s notifications on your computer.
  • Phone Link needs the following elements to function:
    • A computer that runs Windows 10, April 2018, Update, or higher. If you’re operating an April 2018 Update, you will require an application called the Phone Link app from the Microsoft Store. Any Windows version released after the April 2018 Update will come with the app already installed.
    • The Phone Link is preinstalled if running installed the Windows 10.10 October 2018 update or newer. When you open the app, you will guid through a few extra steps you’ll require to take to complete setting things up.

How do I set up the Phone Link app? 

Having your computer and Android device close by switched on and connected via Wi-Fi is important.

If you begin on your PC:

  • In the search box on the taskbar, enter your phone number and select the Phone Link application from the results.
  • Select Android.
  • You’ll required to log in to your Microsoft account.(You’ll require to have your identical Microsoft account both on your Android device and computer to connect both devices.)
  • Once you’ve signed up and logged in, you’ll ask to download or launch the companion application for the Android device. To do that, start an internet page on the Android device and then click the URL displayed on your computer (aka.ms/yourpc).
  • Connect to the companion app using the same Microsoft account you’ve connected to on your computer. The app will open to a screen which shows the QR code to scan. We’ll get back to this later.
  • Once you’ve logged in, log back onto your computer and click on the I have Your Phone Companion app installed on my phone checkbox. After that, click the pairing using the QR code button.


Note: If you’d like to pair your device with your PC without using the QR code, click the Pair manually button on your computer instead.Furthermore, If you’re using an Android device, you’ll ask by the QR code shown on your computer.

  1. A QR code will display on the screen of your computer. If you’re using an Android device, the companion app must open to a screen equipped with a camera. You can use this screen to read the QR code shown on your computer.
  2. Once connected, your Android device will ask you to grant various device permissions when your devices are connected. These permissions allow you to access your phone’s content on your PC.

If you begin from an Android device:

    • Start a browser for the Android device, enter www.aka.ms/yourpc in the browser and then install your Your Phone Companion application to select Samsung devices.
    • You’ll ask to launch Link and Windows instead, which is already installed on the Android device.
    • Log in to the companion app using the same Microsoft account you’re logged into on your computer (you have to sign in to your Microsoft accounts to connect your devices, even if you’re using the phone).
    • Once you’ve signed in, you’ll ask by a QR code displayed on your computer. To access the QR code, you mus on your computer. You can open a browser and go to aka.ms/linkphone
    • Utilize the camera in the companion app to read the QR code displayed on your PC using an Android device to connect your devices.
    • You’ll ask to grant various device permissions for you to able to access information from your smartphone and on your computer.

If you experience problems installing the app, solve the issue here.