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Aka.ms/accountsettings Many people struggle with Minecraft’s privacy settings. Microsoft can only play Minecraft if you accept the privacy guidelines.

There are times when I see players receive an email or a notification when they attempt to play a multiplayer game. Minecraft game.

There is no way to join friends because of Microsoft account settings. It is possible to change the security and data security settings aka.ms/account. A lot of users are below 18.

They need to agree with Microsoft’s guidelines for playing Minecraft. The principal reason for these guidelines is the need to provide appropriate content for children.

In this article, I will tell you how to change Microsoft’s privacy settings for playing Minecraft and fix the aka.ms/accountsettings. I will offer two ways to resolve this issue, and you can choose one of them.

The first step is to be aware of what actually happens.

Aka.ms accountsettings

What is Minecraft aka.ms/accountsettings?

Minecraft is among the most enjoyable games kids can enjoy in their spare time. It is among the games that teach peace and cooperation, where kids are taught how to distinguish themselves in programming and problem-solving, project management, and collaboration.

The game also provides them with an effective environment they can develop their imagination and ingenuity.

It is regarded as the most renowned, top rating, and most well-known game for kids. It’s maintained its standards mostly due to its features, specifications, and privacy guidelines.

This protects children from any content that could influence their performance or thinking. To achieve this, it has placed its privacy policies in the policy, which is usually interpreted as a concern regarding Minecraft. Minecraft server.

This guideline assures children that they cannot access violent or inappropriate content. It does this by introducing the Minecraft issue, also known aka.ms/accountsettings, which usually appear on child accounts when their parents restrict their account and maintain privacy. This is a privacy alert that users get mostly via Minecraft.


How to Fix the aka.ms/accountsettings Minecraft Error?

If you receive this message it is a sign that you’re facing an Microsoft account privacy issue:

“You are not able to play online multiplayer due to the way the settings of your Microsoft account is configured. Review and change your privacy settings at aka.ms/accountsettings.”

Note: If this link doesn’t work for you, adjust Xbox account settings (Minecraft): www.account.xbox.com/settings

There are a variety of options to diagnose the Minecraft privacy issue.

Sometimes you will receive an error message, it could be due to connection or subscription issus. Before you make any changes to the settings for your Microsoft privacy preferences, be sure to fix the problems first:

  • Check that you are connected to an internet connection that is stable. Reconnect and disconnect your connection in order to fix an insufficient signal.  
  • Be sure to have an you have an active subscription to the correct game console (Playstation Plus, Xbox Live Gold, or Nintendo Switch Online).  
  • Connect to the Minecraft Realm close to your physical place of residence. Maintenance of servers and slow connection could cause problems connecting to servers.  
  • To play Minecraft Crossplay use Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Older versions of Minecraft will limit crossplay functionality for PC, Xbox, Playstation along with Nintendo Switch.  
  • The Minecraft error can also occur in the event that Minecraft is playing on several devices with the same MS account.  

Steps to Fix Minecraft Privacy Error on Xbox/Windows 10 PC

If you encounter an error message indicating Minecraft privacy error Follow these steps to alter the settings of your child’s account through the primary MS account:

  •  Log into and remove yourself from your Microsoft account across all devices.  
  •  Start the Minecraft game.  
  •  Sign back into your MS account on your device.  

Once you have restarted the game you’ll need to connect with your friends Realm. If multiplayer gaming doesn’t work, make adjustments to you Microsoft Privacy settings (chat or multiplayer Clubs, multiplayer):

  •  To change privacy settings on your Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo or PC, visit https://account.xbox.com/settings to check your Microsoft account settings.  
  •  Log into the parent’s primary Microsoft account, and complete the authentication process.  
  •  Click on the child’s account Profile (Minor’s GT) and then navigate through Privacy and online Safety.  
  •  Select on the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 devices Online Safety tab. Setting the settings in this tab is also applicable to Nintendo Switch, PS5, and PS4.
  •  Other Users Can Communicate with Text, Voice or Invites’ as a ‘Everyone or Friends. Choose Allow for ‘You can create clubs and join them and join multiplayer games. Enter the password for saving the setting.  
  •  In the child’s profile, place the date of birth to over the age of 18.  

Adjusting these privacy settings and date of birth should remove the aka.ms/accountsettings on Xbox or PC. Now you can play Minecraft with the child account, without restrictions.

Be aware that if you own an XBox One, then you might have to modify the initial configuration. We’ve got an complete instructions on Aka.ms/XBoxSetup and what settings you can use.

Is this really aka.ms/accountsettings helpful?

The children are really sensitive to nearly every material they come across. Positive or negative, it will have an unavoidable impact on your thoughts. Parents worried about their children’s mental safety must ensure that their children are not exposed to negative, harmful, or violent content.

But, some kids might dislike it since it stops them from making new friends in fun and enjoying a more enjoyable time. It is for that purpose; also, known aka.ms/accountsettings is useful because it allows users to make changes to their Microsoft account settings.

These special changes help children lock in multiplayer support restrictions during the game aka.ms/accountsettings is extremely useful.

Configure aka.ms/accountsettings for Minecraft

Although it can be overwhelming to change settings to eliminate privacy restrictions, it is better to be manageable and simple to correct. There are a few steps you can follow. And to make things easier, you’ll need to set your privacy settings using Microsoft.

Here are some easy steps:

 Sign out from your Xbox account   

First, you must sign out of the Xbox account that you frequently play Minecraft. Before you sign off of the account, first and foremost, keep in mind that you will no longer have access to mining items or components you’ve previously bought through the store when you exit the account.

 Create a brand new Xbox account  

The next thing to remove the error of aka.ms/accountsettings is to create a new Xbox account when you log out of your old account. It will allow you to be more consistent with your behavior.

 Enter an age limit  

It is especially difficult because the age limit set for your old account was not 18, which was a long time ago. That “under 18” age limitation is a requirement for privacy policies to block prohibited content.

To avoid this issue, you can alter the age limit for the new account you create after deleting the old one. All you have to do is pick the date you were born above 18 years old so that the privacy rules are not a barrier to your playing experience. You then enter your age limit and confirm the email you use.

 Create a new Gamertag  

Gamertag is the name you use to identify yourself whenever you log in to your game. It’s good to establish your gaming identity and then let people know that you truly would like to live your world in a player’s role.

It is vital to set up the Gamertag. After setting up the account, you have created all you have to do is create your Gamertag.

Additional Help If you are worried about making the Gamertag for your game, remember that the initial Gamertag is generated randomly. However, you can change the label at any point in the future if you’d like.

 To play Minecraft  

Therefore, that was it, aka.ms/accountsettings! After you’ve completed these steps above, you’re in a position to play your game. There will no longer be any messages, and you can enjoy Minecraft games with as many of your friends as you like. It was clear that you could not add additional friends to your list of reading friends until you tested Windows’ privacy setting. But this isn’t the case until you’ve tried all of the above steps and solved the issue.

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Final Words

We hope that you find these steps easy and simple to follow. We wish you all the best of luck in enjoying your game! But, if you wait another second, there’s something else you have to be aware of: setting account settings. Setting for your account via your master account.


Aka.ms/accountsettings allows users to change the Microsoft Account Settings. The most played game offered by Microsoft is Minecraft, and many children play it with either their Xbox Live, Nintendo, or Nintendo Switch.

Select the amount of information you would like to provide to Microsoft by altering the privacy setting. Click Start, Settings, and select Privacy and Security to achieve this. There will be privacy options in the available options. There are hyperlinks to privacy settings for specific individuals to the left of the page.

Microsoft URL shortening service

The @idontusenumbers Aka.ms can be described as an internal Microsoft URL shortening service and is not publicly accessible; therefore, there is no way that it could be identified or even resemble an attack URL for phishing.

As stated, this “Multiplayer has been disabled” error occurs because of the protection settings in the family group to the Microsoft account used for playing Minecraft. To resolve the issue, the affected gamers must change their Microsoft account age to 18 years old.

Your friend’s world is locked by a configuration, which means no one can be a part of her. Your friend might need to review your privacy settings to be sure they’re not multiplayer disabled. You can sign in to your Microsoft account to check and alter your privacy settings online.

If you go into”Multiplayer” in the “Multiplayer Section, you will see that the button at the top will be a toggle to enable multiplayer. The section also allows you to define who is allowed to join.

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